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Showstar was started in 1991 by Skip Miller and

Melissa Scheigert. Both Skip and I already had

several years breeding and or showing when we

met. We have since owned, bred,co-owned and

graced the rings with multiple UKC Grand

Champions, Champions and Group winners in AKC,

UKC, WWRC, ARBA and The Bahama Kennel Club. We

have also owned, shown and promoted several

Top 10 contenders and even a UKC National

Champion and a National Grand Champion. We are

truely committed and dedicated to our dogs.

Here at Showstar, we feel it is exceedingly

important to maintain balance, structure,

overall health, temperament, dentition, coat

and generalized breed character. There are is no

excuse for breeding marginal dogs reguardless

of titles! Having ony about one litter every

two to three years, we breed with for only the

very best in mind, body and temperament.

Always aiming for the complete package. High

quality companions and show quality puppies

are availabe on occasion.